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Up for adoption


Hunter is a special boy who wants nothing more than a feline friend or two to play with and a comfy bed to rest after exhausting himself. We believe Hunter would do best in a home without children, he has a tendency to not enjoy being over stimulated (if you’re stroking him and don’t watch for his warnings, his tail wagging is usually the first sign) he may give a little warning nibble. He is just a young cat, born March 6, 2020. Our wonderful foster family has been working on this with him and he’s been getting better but it seems to only happen if he has not exerted all of his energy that day. This boy needs a lot of stimulation. He’s a sweet boy and will sleep across his foster’s legs at night. He seems to trust easily and didn’t take long to adjust at his fosters, he likes talking to his feline friends and likes to be around his humans at all times, he loves food and his treats so he is very food motivated. He has lived with a calm dog before and it went well.

For more info please write to mysharonna@me.com

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