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Say hi to Bowie (AKA Bugs) who was born January 21, 2019. One of the sweetest cats you will ever meet! Bug was originally a TNR (trap-neuter-release) but we soon realized that he had potential to be a house cat. We have come to find out that Bug has some hearing and vision issues; it doesn’t affect his health in any way but means he is more sensitive to vibrations and it takes him a few seconds to recognize who is there. This is one of the main reasons he could not be put back in his colony. Survival for a cat without the best sight and hearing is a risk, he was also very sweet not feral whatsoever probably thrown outside by someone at some point. He may hiss once when figuring out who is in front of him but does not scratch or bite at all. Once he smells and recognizes you he becomes the biggest sweetheart! All he wants is to be petted and brushed and get back scratches. Bugs’ ideal home would be quiet, no young kids and no other animals in order to allow him to really come out of his shell and be comfortable. Patience will absolutely pay off with this cat! He loves his little cat house and he loves to watch the birds out the window. Bugs deserves a chance. Would you be the person to give him a furever home? For more info, contact mysharon@me.com or cascavaudreuil@outlook.com

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