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Up for adoption


Jersey, a 4 1/2-year-old female Australian Shepherd, had a hard time coping when she was given up because of illness in her family. She was nervous and started displaying unacceptable behaviour. She has now spent some time at École de Formations Intervenants canins du Québec, and has made great progress. Training has provided a boost to her confidence. But, this is only the beginning. Australian Shepherds are smart and energetic. They need to exercise their minds and bodies. Running, hiking, agility, flyball, herding, you name it, she's willing to try it. Training must be a part of her daily routine. Jersey's alright with other dogs, as long as she knows they're just passing through. She needs to be your only pet. No cats either. If you have the time, commitment, dedication, and can be as loyal to her as she will be to you, fill out the form and ask for Jersey.

For more information on Jersey or any of the other dogs available for adoption, go to www.animatch.ca

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