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Up for adoption


Honey is a beautiful two-year-old cat looking for her forever home. She was found outside and she has now adjusted very well to life indoors. Sometimes she waits by the door to escape, so you always have to watch her extra carefully before exiting the house. As much as she loves being warm and cozy, she might just try and sneak out. Honey is a gentle and affectionate cat. She likes to be around the people she lives with. Even though she isn’t a lap cat who will sit on you and cuddle you, she shows affection in her own special way. She loves being petted and being told she is a good girl. Honey would do best in a quiet home as she enjoys her quiet time. If you want a gentle, loyal and kind furry companion, then Honey is the perfect cat for you.

For more information regarding Honey, please write to us at cascavaudreuil@outlook.com

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