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Up for adoption


Here is Crunchie and Carelle, a mother and daughter duo. Crunchie is approximately 11 months old, she is black and white with long hair and Carelle is approximately two years old, black and white shorthaired cat. These two beauties come from very far! They are still skittish since they had never been touched by humans before they joined us recently. Their favorite moments are when you take out canned food and when you play with them! Oh my, they really like that! It's much easier to touch them during these times, otherwise, they can push themselves away when there are sudden movements. Now inside, they seem to appreciate being able to sleep in the warmth without hassle, never running out of water and food and most importantly, being safe, sterilized and vaccinated.

These two beauties will need time to feel confident and let themselves be approached. But when they are sleeping and you approach them slowly, they love to be petted. They can be adopted together or separately. We are announcing these two ladies today as we would like them to continue their progress with their forever family who will have to be extremely patient with them and who will respect our socialization advices. They are becoming more confident with the foster Mom at this time so we know they can have a great attachment with the family which will give them their chance. An environment without young children would be ideal. They get along really well with the other cats in the foster family. For more information regarding Crunchie and/or Carelle, please write to us at cascavaudreuil@outlook.com.

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