Up for adoption


Akita is a sweet girl who was born August 6, 2018 and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She was a feral cat who gave birth to and raised three beautiful kittens who have all been adopted. She has had time to enjoy a life of a spoiled indoor cat and has put on a little bit of extra weight! She absolutely loves and needs to be around other cats. She will run around and follow them everywhere. She will rub up against them and make the cutest chirping noises to get their attention. Kika - as she is affectionately called - is very scared of people. She has not yet developed a level of trust where she can be petted but you can easily get her attention and approach her with food. She will never be far when she hears the treat bag or the can of food open! Lately she has become more approachable but she still has a long way to go and will need a family that will either be very understanding of her needs and understand that she may never become a people cat. She would also be great for a family that is looking for a companion for their cat. She must go to a home with other cats. She would not be suitable for children. It is unknown how she would react around a dog.

For more information regarding Akita, please write to us at cascavaudreuil@outlook.com

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