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Up for adoption

Frankie, born July 14, 2019, is an adorable male tabby who has stolen our hearts. He is such a sweetie. When he came to us he was a frightened, unsure and cautious kitty. In a matter of a few short weeks he has discovered his inner cat. He came out of his shell, learned to trust humans again. He is very affectionate, playful, friendly, curious with both humans and other cats and yet he is bold at the same time. He can be picked up a few times a day for a cuddle and a kiss. He never says no to any kind of affection – he welcomes it.

Frankie would do well in a household with other cats and teenagers. All he asks in return is love, respect and attention. And he will give it right back.

Please contact annebochnig@yahoo.ca for further information.

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