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Town of Pincourt council round-up

By Jules-Pierre Malartre


With the purchase of five lots, the Town of Pincourt will acquire a total area of over 46,000 square feet of the wooded lot referred to as Rousseau Forest for the sum of $691,391.10.

The Town of Pincourt city council held its regular monthly meeting on July 13 and despite some councils opening up to in-person sessions, the meeting took place via teleconferencing.

Rousseau Woods

Council unanimously approved the proposal to purchase lot numbers 1 721 567, 1 721 626, 1 721 581, 1 721 585 and 1 721 579 on which sits Boisé Rousseau. The city introduced this proposal in order to protect the beleaguered woods which were originally to be bulldozed over to make room for a residential area. Resident group Sauvez la Foret Rousseau/Pincourt Vert strongly opposed the development and scored a minor victory when the development was postponed in 2018 after it was determined that the project imperiled local migratory birds. The studies conducted by the developer also were eventually found to be inadequate, which lead to the city conducting its own studies. The proposal and its approval on July 13 are the result of extensive work by both local environmental groups and the city to save the precious few hectares of natural wooded areas. The landowner has agreed to sell the lot to the city following negotiations. The lot will be purchased at a cost of $15 per square foot. Based on the numbers provided by the city, with the purchase of these five lots, the Town of Pincourt will acquire a total area of over 46,000 square feet for the sum of $691,391.10. The purchase will be facilitated by borrowing By-law 906.

“We are proud of Mayor Yvan Cardinal for his courageous decision to save Rousseau wetland from development, and we are hoping it sets a precedent for other cities in the region,” Carole Reed, vice-president of Pincourt Vert commented.

Sale of sports complex

The council also approved a proposal to initiate a call for bid for the sale of Zone C1-24. “This is the location of the abandoned sports complex on Pincourt Boulevard, in front of Chêne-bleu (High School),” Mayor Cardinal explained. It was also the proposed location of the future arena project. “If the arena project ever goes forward, it will be located on the other side of Pincourt Boulevard, in front of the synthetic turf field, where the Chêne-bleu community garden is presently located,” Cardinal added.

Pay equity

Council approved a proposal for pay equity for the city’s management personnel. The city conducted an evaluation of pay equity, as per the provincial government’s Loi sur L’Équité salariale. The goal of the evaluation was to ensure that female personnel received equivalent remuneration to their male counterparts. The review focused on two categories of positions within the city’s management team, namely the divisional head of human resources and the director of communications and resident relations. The evaluation was useful in underlining existing salary differentials. The proposal aims to fix that gap retroactively from July, 2019. The proposal was approved unanimously.

Commuter train station

During the question period, Mayor Cardinal read a question submitted in writing by a resident who asked how the city was going to prevent the closure of the Pincourt/Terrasse-Vaudreuil commuter train station. “In answer to the petition that was presented, a response was received from Exo,” Mayor Cardinal said. “The city had adopted a resolution in June that it sent to Exo. The resolution stated the city’s position with respect to the project of a single train station on L’Île-Perrot.” Cardinal also said the resolution aimed to reiterate the importance of maintaining the train station shared by Pincourt and Terrasse-Vaudreuil while improving safety for all users. The resolution had been approved by a majority of the council.

“I’d like to remind residents that this project is managed by Exo,” Cardinal said, adding that the project was not under the control of the City of Pincourt. As reported in The Journal July 15, Exo plans to organize a citizen meeting following consultations with the area municipalities before the fall.