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Spring cleaning - to bin or not to bin

By C.J. Maxwell


A simple online tool will show you how to best dispose of any type of waste and household items – many of which can be reused by charitable organizations.

Are you still scratching your head when it comes to placing certain things in the blue box recycling bin? Though we’ve been pretty well schooled over the years when it comes to adopting environmentally-friendly practices by reducing, reusing, and recycling, sometimes it still isn’t clear what goes where. Thanks to a handy-dandy new online search tool, you can easily find out how and where to responsibly dispose of your food containers or unwanted household items. The exhaustive list includes everything from cleaning products and medicine to construction materials and clothing.

While we’ve made great strides over the decades, some things must still be disposed of in regular garbage collection like wax paper, metallic gift wrap, and animal droppings. But many items we used to just toss in the trash without a second thought can be recycled or even resold by one of the many organizations in our region.

So, if you’re planning a big spring cleaning in the near future, don’t leave a pile of unwanted items by the side of the road for the garbage truck. Help your community and the planet by consulting

tricycle-mrcvs.ca/en for complete instructions on how to dispose of items in an Earth-friendly way.

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