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Santa makes virtual visit to Hudson dancers


This past Sunday evening, December 13, Santa Claus (a.k.a. Peter Angrove) made a special stop at the Hudson Dance Center, where he joined in a Zoom call with over 45 HDC families who were all very surprised by his visit.

For over an hour Saint Nick himself interacted with each dancer where he shared their Christmas wishes and took notes on just how naughty the children elves have been – some taking a bath in marshmallows or attempting to make pancakes leaving flour everywhere, others playing with the Christmas tree lights!

It was a joy to see the dancers faces light up when Santa knew their Elf’s name, or what was on their wish list or were shocked at how Santa knew they had been helping clean around the house, or improved on their reading skills and playing the piano.

In addition, over $250 was raised for Le Pont/Bridging food bank. Happy holidays!

See more photos on our Facebook page.

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