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Saint-Lazare will connect three new well sources to water treatment plant

By John Jantak


A hydrogeo­logical study has revealed viable water sources in three Saint-Lazare wells in the La Pinière sector.

The discovery of three new wells in Saint-Lazare will result in the city doing the necessary work to build a new water pipe which will connect the new sources of water to the main reservoir and treatment plant on Chemin Sainte-Angélique beginning around late August.

The work comes after a hydrogeological study aimed at exploring water sources from three wells in the La Pinière sector near the Parc nature Les Forestiers-de-Saint-Lazare that began in 2017 proved successful at finding, and being able to provide, quality water at a sufficient flow rate.

Provincial approval

These three wells have been approved by the provincial Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques as reliable sources of quality water which have the capability to increase the production of drinking water.

A professional services contract was awarded on November 13, 2018 to prepare the plans and specifications as well as to monitor the work to connect these three wells to the Sainte-Angélique potable water network and put them into service. This project, with an estimated cost of nearly $4 million, is receiving up to 100 per cent in funding through the Gas Tax Program and Quebec’s contribution (TECQ-2019-2023).

“This will go a long way in making sure that our reservoir is always full but it will not give people carte blanche to water their lawns continuously,” Mayor Robert Grimaudo told The Journal. “These wells are great and they’re going to help but the reality is that when we have very dry conditions, the overwatering of lawns is what puts a lot of pressure on our reservoir.”

New water supply line

The new water source means the city will install nearly six kilometres of raw (non-potable) water supply line to the Sainte-Angélique treatment plant located on Rue du Puits possibly beginning as early as Monday, August 23. The work will extend over a period of about 19 weeks until the end of December, subject to favourable weather conditions.

The piping will be installed on the following streets – Chemin Lotbinière (between Montée Saint-Robert and le parc nature Les Forestiers), Montée Saint-Robert and Rue des Mésanges, with the west side of the street being the most affected by the work.

The work will consist of directional drilling to insert pipes fused to each other over a length of about 300 metres, thereby inserting the pipes in a small excavated section instead of using the traditional excavation procedure.

Inaccessible driveways

To do this, the pipes will have to be laid out on the street which means homeowners will not have access to their parking spots anywhere from a few days to nearly three weeks for owners located on the west side of Rue des Mésanges.

The higher densification of properties on this street means the work will have more impact. However, for safety reasons, one lane will be open at all times to ensure the passage of emergency vehicles. Flag persons will be in place to manage traffic.

The city is also calling on neighbours on the opposite side of the street to consider allowing their neighbours who will be most affected by the work to park in their driveways as construction progresses.