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Séguin seeks second term as mayor of L’Île-Perrot

By Jules-Pierre Malartre


After winning over incumbent Marc Roy in 2017, L’Île-Perrot Mayor Pierre Séguin announced he will be running for a second term this coming November.

Pierre Séguin will run for another term as mayor of Ville de L’Île-Perrot. He revealed his intention unofficially during the June 8 Council meeting and announced it officially on June 21.

“You have to like people,” he said when asked about his interest in pursuing a second mandate. “I’ve been saying it since before I got involved in politics. It’s the only thing that matters. When you become an elected official, you have to think about the community as a whole. The mayor is there to ensure there is a certain harmony that reigns, and the presence of a global vision within all districts.” Séguin also stresses that his first job as mayor is to ensure the safety of residents.

Sense of community

Talking to Séguin, you quickly come to see that building a strong sense of community is paramount to his approach to creating a dialogue. “I worked closely with the community throughout my career, and it was always about people,” he told The Journal. The Vaudreuil-Soulanges Soup Festival he spearheaded stands as a good testimony to his focus on bringing people together. “If you want people to talk, feed them!” he states. “It’s a symbol of openness and of people coming together. If we don’t talk, we won’t understand each other.” Inspired from the European tradition, Séguin says he introduced the Soup Festival in our region in 2012 to bring people together. The festival attracted over 1000 residents in its first edition.


Mayor Séguin said he’s keen on building an off-ramp at the busy intersection of Boulevard Perrot and Grand Boulevard to facilitate access off the island during rush hour.

Master traffic plan

Mayor Séguin has spearheaded a number of initiatives during his first tenure as mayor, most notably the development of a master traffic plan. Given the extensive development not only in Ville de L’Île-Perrot (VIP) but also in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot (NDIP) over the past few years, traffic in and out of the city during peak hours is becoming increasingly difficult and he has vowed to address the issue. Séguin is keen on building an off-ramp on Boulevard Perrot to Grand Boulevard in the downtown area to facilitate access off the island during rush hours.

“We purchased the land at the ‘Four Corners’ (intersection of Grand Boulevard and Boulevard Perrot). We will start working on the off-ramp shortly. We will also upgrade the traffic lights. Now that we have purchased that land, we also want to revitalize that area.”

Séguin underlines the area’s strong potential as a living, breathing downtown space – which many towns in Vaudreuil-Soulanges don’t have. Séguin is pleased that the businesses in the area have survived the pandemic, and he sees that hub becoming something like a smaller-scale version of Wellington Street in Montreal.


The environment is a key element of Séguin’s second mandate. The adoption of a municipal environmental policy tops his list of projects for the next term. “Everyone is talking about the environment right now, but we need to push it forward a bit more.” He is keen on involving the collectivity in the dialogue that will decide the city’s approach to protecting the environment. “We’ve already made headway in how we manage our parks. We want to elaborate a master plan for our parks and green spaces. We will inform; we will survey; we will consult (residents). We will create awareness-building tools.”

Highway 20

Séguin also intends to keep up the pressure for completing Highway 20 on the island. The issue with the Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge closure earlier this spring has highlighted, once again, the need for quick action on Highway 20. The mayor has strongly championed the project during his first mandate and he does not intend to let up during a second term.

Public transport

Séguin is also focused on improving active transportation on the island. He sees a future where more and more residents use public transportation. “I work very closely with Exo and RTM to increase and improve service on the island.” He is aware that soon, young kids in our neighbourhoods will be heading out to college and university and he’d rather they have access to an adequate public transporta