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Residents in new Ste. Anne’s development complain about lack of parking spaces

By John Jantak


Hindsight has revealed the small number of visitors’ parking spots for the 135-home development is problematic but there is little recourse given the developer has been respecting all the necessary plans and permits.

Some residents in the new Terra townhouse project in the north sector of Ste. Anne de Bellevue are trying to get the city to build more parking spaces to accommodate visitors. The recommendation was made during question period at the start of the monthly council meeting on November 9 which was held by technological means due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Paola Hawa answered questions that were submitted to the town via email regarding the issue before the start of the council session. One resident noted there are only 20 visitor parking spots for a project that has 135 homes.

Nothing can be done

The mayor said there’s absolutely nothing the town can do at this point. “The developer is following through with his plans exactly when construction began,” Hawa told The Journal.

“The construction permit is being respected by the developer. The plans have been available for a long time and we cannot legally withdraw his construction permit because he is respecting it. We are having conversations and discussions with him to see if there is a solution or an option in the mid- to long-term future to address the issue,” Hawa said.

Developer within his rights

“It’s part of the way he has built and parking spots are clearly identified in the plan he deposited with the city and from which he sold the properties. I empathize with these people. Now that they live there they can see the challenge on a day-to-day basis, but in the terms of the developer, he’s within his rights,” said Hawa.

The mayor added there are no plans to enlarge a parking lot on Chemin Ste. Marie near the new development project. “This is where they’ll be building a final road which a part of the plan and the construction permit. This happens to be the last road that they’re going to build,” said Hawa.

No to malls and gas stations

A request by another resident to have the town build a new gas station, pharmacy, and grocery store near the new development was also nixed by council.

“Adding shopping malls and gas stations is not what Ste. Anne’s North is all about. In the north, we’re about nature and respecting our environment and maintaining a low population density. There is no short, medium, or long-term plan to change any of that. The people who live here are here because there are no shopping malls and gas stations,” said Hawa.

Concrete road lane separators

A resident congratulated city council for putting up a concrete lane separator along a stretch of Boulevard des Anciens-Combattants next to the junction with Chemin Sainte-Marie that also brings traffic to the intersection from the westbound Highway 40 exit.

“I’m glad that it’s made people happy and feel more secure,” said Hawa.

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