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Pincourt freezes residential property taxes for 2021 but slightly increases service charges

By John Jantak


The Town of Pincourt adopted its 2021 municipal budget that will keep property taxes unchanged from last year but slightly raise the cost of most city services by an average of $31per residence.

Residential property owners in Pincourt will not see their property taxes go up next year but they will pay an average of $31 more per year to offset an increased cost in some services that the town provides for its residents.

The property tax freeze was announced during a special session of council on Tuesday evening, December 15, where the town’s operating budget of just over $24 million was adopted.

Offsetting financial difficulties

The tax freeze is in line with similar measures that have been adopted by several municipalities throughout the Municipalité Régionale de Comté (MRC) de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. It is meant to give a helping hand to Pincourt residents who may be facing financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Town council has taken into consideration the particular year we are ending. This budget considers the financial challenges faced by citizens and businesses in the face of the pandemic. I would like to acknowledge the cooperation of the managers in each department for achieving the final outcome,” said Mayor Yvan Cardinal.

The average $31 charge will apply specifically to the town’s garbage collection, water and sewer services because of increases in operating costs. “This shouldn’t affect our residents very much,” said Cardinal.

Minimal service cost increase

The mayor noted that the increase in service charges was kept to a bare minimum and was reduced by about eight dollars per household because of a reduction in the cost related to the pick-up of organic materials. Cardinal said council and the town’s administrators worked diligently to ensure that residents only have to endure a minimal increase when they receive their tax bills in January.

The town’s three-year capital investment program totals more than $39 million with a focus on ensuring the sustainability of municipal infrastructure while monitoring the town’s debt levels. The completion of the swimming pool chalet this year, as well as the construction of the new municipal garage and expansion of the fire stations, are a part of this investment.

Holiday wishes

Cardinal extended his best wishes to all residents for the holiday season and to take care of each other as the pandemic continues. He also suggested that people consider calling someone during the holidays who may be living alone or is isolated to help lift their spirits.

“Everyone will have to stay home this Christmas so try to reach out to someone to help them get through this difficult time. It’s very hard for many people at this time of the year. I think it would be appreciated very much,” said Cardinal.

For complete details regarding the town’s 2021 budget, visit the Pincourt website at