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Pincourt council approves new waste treatment process to help reduce odours

By John Jantak


A new sludge dewatering system will be installed at the Pincourt wastewater treatment facility that should help to significantly reduce foul odours emanating from the plant.

Foul odours emanating from the wastewater treatment plant in Pincourt should decline substantially after council approved a notice of motion and filing of draft By-law 890 that decrees a loan of $1,475,000 for the acquisition and installation of a new sludge dewatering system.

Mayor Yvan Cardinal said while it’s impossible to completely eliminate all smells from the facility, the new system will enable area residents to breathe easier by improving air quality in the neighbourhoods that are located close to the plant on Cardinal-Léger Boulevard near Duhamel Road.

Ongoing problem

It’s an issue that has dogged city council when the foul odour situation was first reported by The Journal in 2013 when citizens pleaded that something be done to improve the situation. Residents living in the vicinity have previously complained to council that the odours were so intense at times that it was impossible to sit outdoors on some days during the summer.

Several fixes have been tried since then, including in 2019 when a new mainframe computer was installed by the town as part of modernization efforts for the sewage treatment plant. Despite the town’s previous unsuccessful attempts at reducing odours, Cardinal is confident that the new system will eventually improve the air quality in the area near the treatment plant when it becomes operational.

“Our council has been working for a very long time to find a solution. Our next step is to try this new process and I’m confident that when it begins operating it will improve the situation a lot,” said Cardinal.


The Town of Pincourt will conduct a traffic study and implement eventual changes to the traffic flow on Shamrock Street in front of St. Patrick Elementary School to improve the safety and security of students, parents and teachers.

Traffic control on Shamrock

A portion of Shamrock Street in front of St. Patrick School will be reconfigured to provide more safety and security measures for students, teachers, and parents. A study, which will be funded by a portion of the town’s accumulated surplus, will first be conducted to evaluate the traffic situation and determine the best practices that should be implemented before the actual work begins.

Mayor Cardinal said the process is the same as was implemented during traffic studies that originally took place before the town reconfigured the traffic and parking patterns at Edgewater Elementary School on Cardinal-Léger Boulevard and at École Notre-Dame-de-Lorette on Lussier Avenue.

“We did a lot of work over the past couple of years at these schools to improve the traffic situation in these areas. The problem with Shamrock is that it’s not only Pincourt residents who bring their kids to the school but also parents who live in other areas that bring their kids to school here. We want to improve the situation by managing the traffic better,” said Cardinal.