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Local actress/author releases her first book

By Brian Gallagher


Author/actress Samara O’Gorman (right) didn’t initially set out to write a book but the culmination of years of poetry, blanketed with what she describes as metaphors and imagery, resulted in the publication of her book ‘What if the Sun Died.’

Meet Samara O’Gorman, an Irish-Canadian Montreal-based actress and writer who has been primarily acting on stage and in film, all the while writing poetry and prose which she has finally put together into a collection that has become Samara’s first book – ‘What if the sun died – a collection of poetry and thought.’

When asked about some of the reasons of how these individual pieces came to be, Samara responded, “I've always been attracted to human nature and human feelings; I'm an observer and I listen. I'm a people watcher and I think a lot of my poetry holds true to that fascination. Some of the poems in the book are from years ago, when I didn't know I was going to publish a book. So in a way, I wasn't even aware of the fact that I was writing a future book when I was. Writing was a coping mechanism I used to get my thoughts out of my head. After it was written down, I would often blanket the original sentiment with metaphors and imagery, which is when I noticed I was writing poetry. When I eventually collected all my work and started to transcribe it in December of 2019, the idea for the book was centered on the themes of grief, femininity, and healing.”

With much of the work coming from personal feelings and experiences over the years, Samara has shown that she is not afraid to confront and expose the emotional and psychological struggles that many young people experience every day and by bringing these stories into the light she also hopes she is lending a hand to young people who are facing their own issues. “Along with acting and writing, I'm also a mental health advocate. I have engaged in a multitude of conversations regarding my struggles with depression, and depersonalization-derealization disorder (DPDR). With every book sold, a portion is being donated to jack.org – a cause very close to my heart.” You can learn more about this organization and get involved on their website at www.jack.org.


When Samara started this book journey, she had two clear goals in mind. One of her main goals with this book was to collaborate with a local publisher in Montreal rather than self-publishing. “If I have learned anything this past year with the pandemic, it is that we should all support local. That's when I stumbled upon Lori, and the wonderful LaBee community,” she said of the local organization geared towards blog and website writing, and publishing. Her second goal was to donate a portion of every book sold to a Canadian non-profit.

“The book is an accumulation of my thoughts on heartbreak and healing; and when thinking about grief, I want my readers to know how important it is to persevere through the dark to reach the light. I've always admired the work done through jack.org, and their platform helped me a lot in my darker times, which is why I've chosen to give back.”

The book is available as a paperback and e-book through Amazon. You can access both online at www.labee.ca/what-if-the-sun-died. Their website says this about her new work: “With supernatural flair and hints of Shakespeare, Samara O'Gorman's collection of poetry and thought shares the evocative and the delicate side of healing. When it comes to grief, she articulates how important it is to persevere through the dark and reach the light.”

Clearly the deep-thinking and kind-hearted Miss O’Gorman has put a lot of thought and heart into these works and how she wants to share them with the world. Through her desire to help and soothe those who read her works and who may find a camaraderie in the words within, and her intent to support the community which has clearly made an impact on her life and helped her through her own struggles, shows us that this young author knows how to give back and pay it forward. Let’s hope this is not the last we hear or read from this multi-talented young person. With more future leaders like her to help guide, influence, and inspire her peers with compassion through this uncertain future, we would be in very good hands indeed.