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Letter to the editor 7, April 29, 2021

Hudson Lament

By Ian Deakin

The sweet song of the morning bird

Now often struggles to be heard

Above the diesel and the saw

As they lay bare the forest floor.

The slithy toves have come to town

And now the trees are falling down.

The place we know is changing fast,

Its charm and peace will not long last.

Homes and condos like mushrooms sprout

No use to protest or to shout.

It’s all approved, the plan’s in hand

Let’s start to build, let’s clear the land.

“Don’t block the way, you’re just too old,

It’s all called progress” we are told.

Don’t dream of wooded trails or walks,

Just think of money and how it talks.

So join the fun, what’s to decide?

Go grab a plot and subdivide!

Just don’t delay, the market’s hot

And now’s your chance to make a lot!