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Letter to the editor 5, Oct. 1, 2020


Dear Editor,

Our family made memories that would last a lifetime in 1974 when we were having a home built on Bugle Call Road in Saddlebrook. We packed up the car in Beaconsfield with camping gear, our three kids and two of the neighbour’s children and headed to what was then known as the pits. We were awakened by three screaming girls at daybreak when they found a garter snake sleeping on the air mattress.

Our Labor Day weekend was spent floating in the shallow lake and picking baskets of thimbleberries meant to be taken home for pies. Every spring and autumn we visit that little lake, now made all the more fascinating by the trail through the bog. Sunday we added another memory when greeted by a tiny rabbit.

It’s a pleasure to reminisce.

Elaine Mallory


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