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Letter to the editor 5, March 25, 2021

Dear Editor,

We would like to thank the Festival fans who attended the Virtual Hudson Film Festival which just wrapped up on Saturday. It was a very successful event with almost 3000 streams of viewing. The ‘People’s Choice’film, selected by votes of attendees was ‘Margaret Atwood: A Word After a Word After a Word is Power.’ In the ‘Ben’s Screening Room’ competition the winning films selected by a jury were, ‘Bear With Me’ (animation), ‘The Water Walker’ (documentary) and ‘Unfinished Manuscript’ (short video). Streaming the event was an opportunity to reach viewers right across Canada. Next year we hope to be back in the Village Theatre but it is likely we will continue also delivering our program to the wider audience a virtual component gives us.

Clint Ward on behalf of the Hudson Film Society Team

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