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Letter to the editor 5, Jan. 14, 2021

It’s time

Dear Editor,

Is it time for an additional grocery store? Saint-Lazare has reached 20,000-plus citizens in the last few years. Our IGA is doing a great job at staying up to date to serve most of the needs of families. However, it is reaching the point of saturation. The store is extremely busy at different hours of the day, a lot of traffic in the aisles which are quite narrow and unfortunately, there is no space for expansion. I remember that two other owners of Metro tried to run a profitable business years ago but they failed. This is a different time now and competition is good for everybody, especially the consumers.

The city council of Saint-Lazare is looking for ways to revitalize the center of the town and I think that would be interesting and appreciated by most citizens. Saint-Lazare will still have growth in the coming years and it would be beneficial to shop locally in our town instead of going elsewhere. With our growing population, I think we can support two grocery stores for the years to come.

Jean Lefrançois


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