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Letter to the editor 4, Oct. 15, 2020

Negative message

Dear Editor,

Most of us, the inhabitants of Pincourt, want to keep our quality of life and our green spaces. We do not agree with how the city administration presents the situation with the Rousseau Forest. It is certainly necessary to increase the taxes to be able to pay for the land to the developers who had already bought it, but the city predicts things in very negative ways in its message. It is just pushing the tax increase to make people back down and reject it. The City of Pincourt should say, “We are going to recover this forest, enhance it, make wooden trails to protect wetlands and we are going to offer Pincourt a beautiful municipal natural park. It will cost money, but it's worth it.” A lot of people would join, but the city doesn't present it like that. This forest, at present, is a little hidden secret. Karine Ladieux


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