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Letter to the editor 4, March 25, 2021

Kudos to Kelly

Dear Editor,

Kelly Miamoto’s column last week on ‘Gratitude’ struck a chord with me.

We are fortunate to live where we do. As someone told me many years ago, “We Canadians won the lottery when it comes to places to live in the world.”

I have been fortunate to have travelled widely - every province and territory, almost all the USA, and about another 30 countries on all seven continents. My travel was both for business and pleasure - and sometimes I spent months in a country working with the people who live there.

Every time I returned to Canada all I wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of water.

And every time I returned I was astonished at the attitude of those who live here. “The traffic was awful.” “My TV provider is dreadful.” “I was out in the country and the cellphone service was terrible!” “I went to the IGA and the fresh fruit selection was horrible.” etc., etc., etc. Complain, complain, complain.

And these wealthy, well-off, spoiled persons have no idea of how 95 per cent of the world lives. Many of them have travelled - yes - but to holiday destinations, where they do not see how the locals live, nor under what conditions, nor how their children are schooled, nor access to potable water, nor adequate healthcare. Not a clue. And yet, when you mention such to them, they get all huffy and say I’m, “Being too… .”?? and they stop - and I say “Too what?” And they do not answer.

We have much to be grateful for. We live in an amazing community. We are free to move as we wish. We are free to see who we wish. We have more than enough food. We have houses in which we are safe and warm. We are clothed. We have amazing healthcare. And our great-grandchildren will be safe, healthy, and well-educated.

Kindest regards,

David Langlois


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