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Letter to the editor 4, March 11, 2021

Santa Wayne

Dear Editor,

On March 7, at Furley’s Bakery & Butcher shop in Hudson, I experienced a Random Act of Kindness during this COVID-19 distance-respecting time. In shopping for sausages, I realized my purse was in my parked car so I would return to pay and pick up my order. In the meantime, I waited for my friend who accompanied me to be served. Next thing a young man told me that he had paid for my order, so I need not go for my purse. This man said he was Santa. It turned out he lived near Whitlock Golf and was known as Wayne. During these unusual times, it seems the community has been drawn together sharing whatever circumstance that has happened.

Hudson is a wonderful place most always but sharing this actual experience showed how kindness is blooming and for me, this is not the first Random Act of Kindness from a stranger (Mike changing a flat tire in a Kirkland parking lot).

Thank you,

Anne Greengrove-Beauregard


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