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Letter to the editor 4, Feb. 18, 2021

Who’s to blame?

Dear Editor,

Why are we, Saint-Lazare, to blame for the residents’ property dilemma on Sandmere? They should have built on their land long ago. Why not let them open their own road at their own expense?

Why couldn't it become Sandmere West and the owners of said properties see to bringing it up to regulation and at that point they could all build at their own expense and not to the expense to the municipality? That is what Pine Tree area residents had to do in the 1990s on that and many other roads.

This should never have become a municipality problem and has taken up far too much of Saint-Lazare council’s time. It should be up to the corporation to solve this problem. They sold the properties and profited from this and if the new owners did not look into why they could not build, it falls to them.

Do we have so much municipal money that we become responsible for those who have done nothing to rectify this situation?

Liz Rozon


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