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Letter to the editor 4, April 29, 2021

Development pressure

Dear Editor,

The Journal issue of April 15 had a synchronicity of articles about citizens awaking to issues of development on Île-Perrot. Included were the height of buildings on the waterfront, a housing development in wooded areas, and an update on condo building in Ste. Anne's. The pressure for this area at the end of, and off the Island of Montreal is huge. Residents would do well to learn about the laws (as they did in Ste. Anne's a few years back) and just recently in Ville-de-L'Île-Perrot (VIP) and Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot (NDIP).

The VIP Council need not have had a problem if they had the courage to say no to the obviously poor development plan and take time to know who the residents are and why we live here. Even with the 170 unit building stopped for now, developers will seek other waterfront properties and continue to pressure all three towns on the island to develop unacceptable forms of housing. We have the laws but the councils and mayors could strike a balance and not waste everyone's time by thinking that big is better.

I suggest there are three areas that citizens need to know more about. One is the protection of waterfront from erosion which is always the owner’s responsibiity; the height and size of housing appropriate for all kinds of families; access for all residents to the waterfront at various places; and protection of the environment.

I am thankful to those citizens who have worked so hard to press the VIP council to do what's right regarding housing, parks, the environment and access to the water for everyone who wants it.

One last thing I wonder about is population density. When the flood of 2017 or 2019 left the Galipeau Bridge out of service for a week reminds me of the heavy traffic flow every day and the ability to get off the island in either direction if there are too many people living here. Perhaps someone out there knows about this?


Victoria Moulton


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