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Letter to the editor 3, Oct. 29, 2020


Dear Editor,

I was delighted to read the article ‘Reimagining society post-pandemic’ (The Journal, October 15) about a group of people who have come together to propose changes in social and environmental policies. All the topics they address (such as blocking the government’s project for a Liquified Natural Gas plant and pipeline in the Saguenay) are important. More detailed versions of the group’s proposals are available in the online edition of The Journal. It is evident that a great deal of work, (including careful research on legal and regulatory frameworks) has gone into the group’s proposals.

Who are these people, and how do we support their ideas or engage them in discussion?

Right now the Government of Quebec is holding BAPE hearings on its proposed LNG project in the Saguenay. The government proposes yet more giant and endless subsidies to the petroleum industry, an industry that must be phased out to avert an imminent climate catastrophe. This project also poses immediate threats to wildlife and the environment. Many people want to speak out against this iniquitous proposal, so why aren’t their voices being mobilized for the BAPE hearings?

Donald Attwood


Editor’s note – The Pour un Projet de société digne du 2e siècle spokesperson Katherine Massam can be reached at (514) 619-7635 or kathmassam@gmail.com

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