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Letter to the editor 3, June 17, 2021

All summer?

Dear Editor,

For the third year, this time beginning in May, we are banned from washing our windows, washing down our home from the yellow pollen on everything, the sundeck, front porch, or our car. We have lived in Saddlebrook for 40 years; it is not from lawn sprinklers as 75 per cent of the homeowners do not have lawns or gardens. It certainly is not from watering their hanging baskets and occasional flower pot. I live in the vicinity of six pool owners on our street and in back of us. Some of them do not properly clean their pool in the fall, so in the spring time they empty it, and fill it up with their garden hoses. That is where the majority of water is going. Homeowners should be obliged to get a water truck to fill up their pools. In many cities across Canada that is a municipal law. The fee is $250.

This should not be happening. Most of our friends are able to use their water in Hudson, Rigaud, Île Bizard, Montreal West, etc. Stop building homes and let me please have my enjoyable spring and summer back. Why should my country living change? We do not deserve this as Saint-Lazare taxpaying citizens. None of us deserve this.

Is this going to be all summer?

Geordie Vincent William


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