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Letter to the editor 3, Jan. 14, 2021

Stopped in time?

Dear Editor,

I am a strong believer in the nobility, the intelligence and the basic humanity of mankind but the actions of outgoing US President Donald Trump and his supporters in attacking the Capitol building and leaving five people dead has shaken those beliefs.

My wife often criticizes me for reading too many books on the subjects of the Holocaust, war, and man’s inhumanity to man. Being a very kind and loving woman she chooses to close her eyes to the fact that one must understand evil to overcome and defeat evil.

Hitler, a poor student in school, reached the minor rank of lance corporal in WWI and went from being a homeless part-time house painter to being the head of the National Socialist German Workers' Party in 1921. He brought the world to war in 1939 and Germany to defeat and destruction in 1945.This little man with the aid of his self–serving, power hungry, politically ambitious and mercenary enablers was directly and indirectly responsible for anywhere from 70 to 85 million deaths.

This poorly educated abnormality of a man achieved great power and caused great pain and destruction because well-educated and highly calculating men decided to use him and his appeal to working class people in their climb to power.

They supplied and promoted the propaganda, they recruited rich and powerful businessmen to help finance his ambitions, they manufactured the false narratives, and they produced and directed the hate-spreading events that helped metastasize his cancerous lies and bring him to power.

Like in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein tale, they lost control of the monster they had created.

Political monster Donald Trump leaves behind a legacy of rapidly rising death rates from COVID-19, a national debt spiraling out of control, social unrest, record high unemployment, and a seriously divided country.

Many will say Donald Trump is no Hitler and they are absolutely right. Hitler actually believed the bulls**t he was spreading whereas Donald Trump only believes in himself.

Donald Trump is no Hitler simply because Donald Trump was, hopefully, stopped in time.

Frank Hicks


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