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Letter to the editor 3, Feb. 4, 2021

Bearing witness

Dear Editor,

I do not get many phone calls but sometimes there are some messages. One message this week was from someone calling from some organization to ‘check’ on me and see if I needed anything and to see if I was ‘alright’ etc. It was a nice warm sounding man, and he left a phone number. It was a bit like ‘Dear Occupant’...but, well...you know....that call made me feel good! Someone-is-looking-after-me kind of feeling. Thank you ‘kind man’ whoever you are... if I do need something sometime I'll give you a call. I did take down the number.

Turns out my ‘caller’ was the Jehovah Witness people. That's good. They once helped me out big time....they used to come to see Freddie (my late husband)all the time...and one day we were standing outside wondering what to do as we were due in court that morning and our witness had taken ill in the night and spirited off to hospital. So we asked the ‘witness’ if he would come to court with as he was a real ‘witness.’

He came with us and we won the case....we gave him two tins of maple syrup for his trouble. Wonderful memory.

Naomi Henshaw


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