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Letter to the editor 3, Feb. 18, 2021

Impacts of By-law 1095

Dear Editor,

As the legal owners of both Sandmere and Oakridge Roads, the last two private roads in Saint-Lazare, we would like to share the history of how we, along with other small landowners, built these roads over 50 years ago. The proposed modification to By-law 1095 by the city of Saint-Lazare not only has an impact on local developers, it also affects our family and many others. History of Oakridge: In 1969 at 23 years old, Jim Dodds bought a 60-arpent farm and got 11 friends to buy a section. In their spare time, they worked to build Oakridge Road on their own and kept chipping in more money for materials etc. along the way. Every weekend the guys got together and cut the trees to clear the road, took the logs to the sawmill, bought the gravel to build the road and had it spread. This took them a couple of years as they only had time to work on it on weekends. It was a very large undertaking but we were all so proud of ourselves at our accomplishment and our investment for our future. History of Sandmere: In 1972 Jim Dodds bought another 60-arpent farm and got 10 people to buy a section and once again they cut the trees and worked hard to get the road built. Jim bought a dump truck, a bulldozer, and an excavator to build the road. I can remember many times walking from my home on Pine Tree to Sandmere with a baby on my back to get some kind of message to Jim as there were no cell phones back then. Many summers were devoted to these projects and my daughters would often ask, “Where’s daddy?”…oh yes he’s on the land. Now in our mid-70s, our retirement funds are in great jeopardy with the proposed changes to By-law 1095. Built with our blood, sweat, and tears and having paid $100K in property taxes on this land, we are now faced with the possibility of losing it all. What if this was to happen to you? The councillors need to re-examine their logic behind their decision to stop development on two roads that have existed already for 45 years, are serviced, and have homes built on them already. It is possible to build homes while being mindful of the environment. It is possible to achieve sustainable development.

Barbara Dodds


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