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Letter to the editor 3, April 22, 2021

Democracy is a two-way street

Dear Editor,

COVID-19 has meant a change in the way we do things. Zoom and Facebook Live have made it easy to communicate with work and stay in touch with family. Unfortunately, for the Pincourt Town Council, the pandemic has given them a reason to become secretive.

Transparency has always been an issue with Mayor Yvan Cardinal’s council and the pandemic has made it worse. For over a year, Pincourt residents have been cut out of the democratic process. While other town councils hold live meetings via electronic platforms, Pincourt residents wait for a YouTube video to get loaded the following day (or whenever they get around to it).

The videos are nothing more than a recorded stream of Mayor Cardinal’s computer screen in the tiniest font possible with Cardinal reading out the script in a rushed monotone. Comments are turned off. No feedback or questions allowed. Residents can submit their questions until 3 p.m. on the day of the meeting and then hope the mayor chooses your questions like we are participating in some kind of raffle. Councillors no longer answer residents’ email questions directly but reply by saying go watch the Pincourt YouTube Channel for the answer.

The mayor is giving Pincourt residents the absolute bare minimum as outlined by the Commission municipale du Québec. However, the mayor and his town councillors should remember that democracy is a two-way street as they seek re-election.

Shelagh McNally


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