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Letter to the editor 3, April 1, 2021

Keep your distance

Dear Editor,

We are well over a year now in a worldwide-affected pandemic and yet it seems some people still don’t understand how to properly behave in public. I was standing in line at a post office and a gentleman was standing to the left of me (the line began behind me, to the right). There are clear markers asking everyone to stand at least two metres apart, and this man completely ignored those markers. I was leaving a lot of room between me and the person in front of me, but as I approached the counter to start my transaction, the man who was to the right of me was now standing so close behind me, if I swung my arm around me I would have hit him. I am infuriated as the two metre rule shouldn’t only be in effect, it should be a common courtesy.

I like my personal space and a mask is only one step taken for the safety for others. The two-metre distancing is in place to further protect us. I hate going out in public.

Mary Mitchell


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