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Letter to the editor 2, Oct. 1, 2020

You can’t go home again

Dear Editor,

Whoever said ‘You can’t go home again’ got that right.

In 2012 my husband and I moved to Hudson which in my childhood was home to me. Little did we realize the strife and turmoil which were virtually threatening to destroy the town itself was in full swing.

The practices at Town Hall were well documented and the ensuing results were enough to supply material for a novel. My great grandparents were one of the founding families in Hudson coming to Como Landing. Along with them, my grandparents, father, and his brother must be turning in their graves.

In response to the photos taken of the latest razing of property in our town and the ensuing article appearing on page 3 of last week’s edition of The Journal, I feel compelled to state that the person whose note read ‘Look Around Hudson......’ surely must have been referring to Sandy Beach, the disappearance of Pine Lake, Leger, Royal Oak where whole forests have been razed and will be razed to the ground in order to build large homes with no regard to something called selective cutting.

There were over 12 magnificent trees cut down on a very well-known property in order to make way for a vegetable garden which nobody I know can afford to buy anyway. There are many other areas and incidents too numerous to mention. It has unfortunately been my experience when I expressed my concerns around this to the powers that be, that I was met with curt responses that all by-laws or whatever else needed to be done were being respected. Really?

Also, on countless occasions when I have objected to certain practices, I have either been ignored or made to feel as if I had just fallen off the back of a turnip truck. I may not be able to define destruction and blatant disrespect for the proper way to do things, but I know it when I see it.

It is little wonder that the people who put up these signs felt frustrated in an effort to find other ways in order to express their outrage. You can't talk to people who aren't listening.

You are here to answer questions Mr. Legault? Please. Don't. It hurts when I laugh! I have no intention of engaging in any dialect with anyone at Town Hall again. It just serves to further humiliate myself.

Apologies to Helene Kurgansky who does a wonderful job on council and shares these concerns. And yes, in response to another note, why does The Town of Hudson allow this? Because they can and because there is no public outcry against any of this.

And why would anyone want to come here and destroy the very characteristics that made Hudson the place it is but rapidly becoming the place it was? Of course there needs to be some change and development but there are proper ways to proceed with change and development and this is not being respected here.

In addition to that, what other municipality would turn a blind eye and allow fleets of motorcycles and cars alike to roar up and down its residential Main Road, speeding, purposefully backfiring with entertainment systems so loud as to resurrect the dead? Our house with all the doors and windows closed vibrates with this unspeakable noise. Enjoyment of one's outdoor property is not possible. We have also had the dubious honour of listening to the din of two dirt bikes being driven on private property very nearby (again in a residential area).This is just another fine example for lack of any common sense, enforceable by-laws or concern for the rights of others in Hudson.

A new Hudson is emerging. Welcome to it.

This is progress? Good-bye Sandy Beach, good-bye Pine Lake. Good-bye to the gentle special Hudson I once knew. Good-bye Yellow Brick Road.


Linda Parsons