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Letter to the editor 2, Nov. 19, 2020

Another welcome

Dear Editor,

The recent sale of Wyman United Church to a Sikh congregation seems to have inspired a variety of reactions in the nearby communities. Not surprisingly, but sadly, some have been negative and even hostile. I learned something of Sikh beliefs and philosophies a few years ago when I was privileged to visit its holiest temple at Amritsar in India. There I witnessed a stunning example of the Sikh belief in selfless service and generosity. Up to 100,000 people are fed every day – all by volunteers and financed through donations. I was overwhelmed with its visible example of humanity and the communion of souls. I did not want to leave, and would have liked to learn more. There is now an opportunity to do so. Welcome new friends! Namaste. Dianne Bradshaw Saint-Lazare

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