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Letter to the editor 2, March 25, 2021

Environmental issues

Dear Editor,

Thank you, The Journal, for focusing on the environment in recent issues. I am so grateful to all the activists and local politicians who are really making an effort to preserve flora and fauna as well as a high quality of life for their fellow citizens. This past year, especially, we have had the time and motivation to explore many local green spaces. Another ‘silver lining’ of the pandemic – lots of new or improved vegetable patches noted throughout Hudson last year and the local organic farms (e.g. the Hudson Heartbeet Community Farm) had record sales in 2020!

On the down side, it was quite difficult to have a quiet moment in our garden during the day. Beyond the understandable, extra ‘family’ noise – with gatherings and play time taken outside – and the pent-up demand for renovations/tree maintenance, there seemed to be an endless number of landscaping crews on our street. While I understand that power tools make for relatively fast and cost-effective maintenance option, it comes at a high cost. An ongoing chorus of powerful leaf blower and mower noise, in addition to chainsaws, were heard throughout last summer and fall.

We have a 19,000+ square-foot lot and are happy to use a modern, manual reel mower for the lawns. Many people won’t even consider this very inexpensive and non-polluting option, even though the cutting method is more beneficial to lawn health. Reel mowers are easier and far more pleasant to use than noisy machines.

Annual (yes, annual) maintenance takes about 15 minutes and costs about $2 (partial use of sharpening kit). I would love to see commercial leaf blowers banned. At the very least, the older, gas models should be banned – the fumes are horrendous!

Thanks so much!

Hilary Dempsey


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