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Letter to the editor 2, July 2, 2021

Trees and power lines

Dear Editor,

On June 10, I complained in ‘Letters to the editor’ about too many trees alongside our power lines since one fell over and knocked out power to all of Chaline Valley for three hours. The following week you published a letter from a citizen who said I should go live where there are no trees.

I've enclosed two photos of my house. One from 1987 when I moved here and one taken 20 minutes ago. There were no trees in front in 1987 and my wife and I planted every last one as you can now see. Nothing that person wrote about me is true. The trees are getting taller and wider by the year and at one point I may have to take down one or two. I can just see the nasty comments I'd probably get from these fanatical tree lovers. That lady’s comment really bugged me. I hope you run this letter along with the two photos and I hope she has the spinal fortitude to apologize to me.

Richard Meades


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