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Letter to the editor 2, Jan. 28, 2021

Turn up the music

Dear Editor,

When I ask my grandchildren if they received my text they answer, "Grandma you didn't send a text, you sent a book.” But it always makes them smile.

This began as a letter to the editor to say how much I enjoyed Nick Zacharias' article on the Joy of walking (The Journal, January 21). I realize this one is much too long for that column, but once I start writing…. If it makes you smile then it was worth pushing the send.

I not only enjoyed the article The Joy of walking, and smiled thinking of all the hours Bill and I have spent patting ourselves on the back for the many steps we've taken since getting Fitbit watches for Christmas two years ago.

We prefer to walk outside, but the winter days when the tears from our watering eyes freezes to our cheeks, has also had us walking around the pool table, bar and sofa over and over. After an hour or so we end up stopping at the bar to reward ourselves for our accomplishments.

Probably not what Fitbit had in mind, so we have made adjustments to our routine and put on the music and danced.

The first afternoon did not go too well; the soles of our shoes were restricting our movements. We then literally cleaned the walk-in closet before realizing that most of our shoes are meant to keep us from slipping and falling at our age, not to give us the professional moves you see on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Bill finally settled on a pair of black patent leather, bought about 40 years ago to wear with a tux. That didn't work for me because I would fall off any of my high heeled fancy shoes from that era. I have no idea why they are still in the closet, but I could say that about most of the clothes.

My husband is normally a good sport and puts up with my requests but I realized that I was exceeding my limit when I suggested that we work on our posture, (one of the important instructions on the TV show) but obviously the suggestion needed to come from a young gorgeous gal in a skimpy costume, not an old one in sweats.

Our dance date will continue because it has brought more laughter into this house than in the past year, and it is laughter that will help us through this pandemic.

Thank you,

Elaine Mallory

Now living in Pointe-Fortune

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