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Letter to the editor 2, Feb. 25, 2021

Sandmere situation

Dear Editor,

I'm writing in today out of concern regarding the level of ignorance surrounding the Sandmere and proposed By-law 1095 issue in Saint-Lazare. I am not an owner on Sandmere, but do count a couple of them amongst my friends. These are regular people, like you and I, who purchased that land more than 40 years ago. They are neither developers, nor prospector as they are being portrayed by some. Sadly, back in the 1980's the city took away their rights to do anything with their land and they have been trying ever since to work things out with the city to no avail. Council after council, promise after promise, nothing ever got done. This last statement applies to the current council as well. The issue at hand is the way By-law 1095 is currently written. As currently presented, they will see their land converted into a city-protected forest area without the city actually buying their land. Add insult to injury, they will have to continue paying taxes on this land that they will never be able to do anything with, ever. So tell me they don't have a reason to be upset.Forty years of the city never managing to work with them and now this. As a citizen of Saint-Lazare, I have found it very worrisome to see in recent days some of our elected officials on social media inflaming the issue, driving a wedge further between residents rather than helping bridge the gap. I also question the basic moral and ethical values held by our councillors to even bring forth such a project in its current form. It shows a great lack of respect for these specific residents in my opinion. Let us propose to take the councillors' properties for nothing and see if they would push that project through. Please, take a moment, speak to your neighbours, take the time to read the by-laws to understand the full picture of what is going on here, stop believe everything that you see posted on social media and websites and put yourselves in these people’s shoes for just one minute!

John McDonald


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