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Letter to the editor 2, Feb. 11, 2021

A huge Thank you – Hudson, Saint-Lazare, and Valleyfield

Dear Editor,

We went for a walk on Wednesday on a beautiful trail on the Whitlock Golf Course. Such a well-groomed trail concealed the ice below! One minute in and down I went – I heard the snap and knew my leg was broken My loud screams had the neighbour calling 911 and an amazing angel named Christine on snowshoes stopped to help and become an amazing support and breathing coach! My boyfriend ran to get the car and guide the ambulance to where I was lying on the trail. From the moment the paramedics arrived till the moment they left me at the Valleyfield Hospital they were amazing, professional, so sensitive and kind!! The hospital ushered me through quickly. They were wonderful and caring, even removing my soaking clothing so gently and wrapping me in warm blankets! From drop off to my release was three hours! I couldn’t believe the professional and wonderful care from the nurses, X-ray technician, doctors and the person that helped with the cast. I can’t say thank you enough for all the care and kindness from everyone who helped in every possible way!

A very grateful patient Bernice Morrison Sharp


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