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Letter to the editor 2, Dec. 3, 2020

Hudson Angels say 'Adieu'

Dear Editor,

For over 30 years a group of volunteers from Hudson and the surrounding area have, during the Christmas period, supported a diversity of organizations in downtown Montreal.

The volunteers known as the Hudson Angels have been greatly supported through the generosity of residents, organizations, and businesses in and around the Hudson area.

Through fundraising, the Hudson Angels have been able to bring a degree of joy, hope, and comfort to many less fortunate in our society during the holiday period. Specifically, support has been given to two organizations – Continuité Famille auprès des Détenues (CFAD), which helps children of imprisoned parents, and The Nazareth Community, a non-profit day shelter. The support given has changed over the years, however, it has included: Christmas baskets to identified families in the downtown core, the catering of a children’s Christmas party with up to 150 children and the supply of presents, the catering of Christmas dinner on Christmas day to the residents of Nazareth House and the presentation of Christmas gifts and most recently, gift bags of clothing, housewares and day to day essentials for up to 30 residents at Anne's House, part of the Nazareth Community.

Unfortunately the current pandemic has necessitated the winding down of the Hudson Angels organization. Under the current conditions it is just not possible to continue to provide the support of the past. Needless to say the demand this year is as great as ever and your donations will be very gratefully accepted by the organizations that have been supported in the past. Should you decide to donate you may wish to mention the Hudson Angels.

CFAD children and families:

C/o Johanne Pion

Directrice générale / Executive Director

5128 Rue Notre-Dame O

Montreal, QC, H4C 1T3

Tax receipts available for donations of $50 or more.

Nazareth House and Anne's House:

For tax donation purposes you can make a cheque out to Nazareth Community and it can be mailed to the address below. In the notes section you can mention if you would like it to go to either Anne's House or Nazareth House. Tax receipts are available for all donations of more than $10. If someone donates online the receipt is generated automatically and emailed.

Nazareth Community 1197 Seymour, Montreal

QC, H3H 1P2

We extend our sincere thanks to each and every one who has supported these worthwhile causes over the years and we wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and 2021.

Linnea and Marcus Owen

Averil Robinson

Deborah Hodgson