Letter to the editor 2, Dec. 17, 2020

A Christmas letter,

Dear Editor, I have just mailed out the last of my Christmas cards for this year, many more cards this year! Most of us are isolated and confined. COVID-19 is hovering all around us, so I have reached out to many more people. I have phoned many old friends that I had almost forgotten. I put out many colourful Christmas lights. And I observe, so have many of our townspeople. The lights are a sign that something is happening in our town: we are celebrating the season! I can sense a buildup to Christmas. We won’t let COVID get us down. So I have a favour to ask: Don’t turn out your lights on December 26! Let them shine. Remember the 12 Days of Christmas come after December 25. There will be more celebrating to be had until Little Christmas, January 6. We may still be isolated and confined but we can keep the Christmas spirit alive. Finally, I do not want to walk the streets of my town on December 26 and see any Christmas trees thrown out on our snow banks. Keep your trees lit, play your Christmas music, and make this the most festive Christmas of.... PEACE-JOY-LOVE-HAPPINESS-HEALTH David Morton


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