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Letter to the editor 2, April 29, 2021

Calling out appropriation and racism April 22

Dear Editor,

Your paper made more than one mistake surrounding the above captioned letter. Mistake one was not using your editorial influence in order to tone down the hyper-sensitive rhetoric and aggressive tone of Gina Grant’s letter while maintaining the right of the writer to express her (flawed) rationale. I do take offence to the letter for no other reason than the fact the writer positions herself on a pedestal as an authority on the matter with no substantive arguments. Furthermore I would ask the writer to give some thought to the disposition of the creator of the sign in question who is no doubt feeling somewhat humiliated by a very public attack from an individual who has made an unfounded and unsubstantiated accusation; supposition does not cut it.

Mistake two was for your publisher to offer an apology for running a photo taken at an environmental protest which contained a sign that read ‘Green Leaves Matter.’ No apology was necessary.

Marcus Owen


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