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Letter to the editor 2, April 15, 2021

Leader with vision

Dear Editor,

The recent article on Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Mayor Paola Hawa was a great read (The Journal, April 8). What an inspiring leader with a progressive vision for her community. It’s a shame she can’t be mayor of Hudson as well! I think a lot of us here in Hudson thought we were electing leaders like Ms. Hawa during the last election. We had high hopes for the eager new faces who won our votes, people whom we thought would bring fresh ideas to the table, prioritize sustainability and community, and usher in an exciting new era for our little town.

Instead, it looks like we ended up with more of the same. Development over environment with the greenlighting of problematic large-scale projects, all the while dismissing engaged citizens who bring up legitimate concerns for our future during what is being recognized globally as a climate emergency. Those of us in District 3 were sad to see our councillor step down in February, 2020 citing, “…breakdowns in communication that shifted the focus of council away from community issues.” As a result, residents in the heart of Hudson village, an area which will be directly impacted by several of these new developments, have not had any representation on council for over a year. I was particularly struck by what Ms. Hawa had to say about condo development in the Sainte-Anne village core. She said she was opposed to the prospect due to the effect it would have on the character of the village. “We draw tourists because we’re a unique little village. If we were to develop our downtown and become another Griffintown like in Montreal, then why would people come here?”

Our mayor and council would do well to reflect on that statement and how it can also be applied to our town. Hudson has always had a reputation for being a peaceful and pleasant place to come and spend the day. Once our two-lane roads become choked with local traffic and our natural landscape replaced with rows of cheaply-built, charmless housing, who's going to bother visiting?

There are already plenty of condo wastelands elsewhere.

Marc Francis


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