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Letter to the editor 1, Sept. 24, 2020

To all at IGA Hudson

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the IGA for all their service during this pandemic. When we, as seniors, were isolated at home, they continued to supply our much-needed groceries. On the phone they received our requests with patience, humour, and understanding. Delivery to our home was regular and professional always with a happy greeting and friendly attitude. When we later began to buy our own groceries at the store in Hudson, all precautions were established for our safety, and the good nature and humour remained as we attempted to understand the new routines.

Once I shopped later than normal and was confronted with rush hour. The line for the cashier went half way round the store. I considered ditching my cart as I felt it would take me well over an hour to reach the cashier. However, realizing the problem our lines were divided for those with few items and the others, all the cashier booths were made operational and we moved forward at amazing speed.

Despite any pressure put on the staff, good humour and consideration prevailed.

Thank you, one and all, at our local IGA. Jenifer and William Crowle


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