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Letter to the editor 1, Oct. 8, 2020

More signs of frustration

Dear Editor,

Concerning Nick Zacharias’ article in the September 24 copy of The Journal titled ‘Signs of frustration,’ I don't think frustration is the correct word… more worried, or concerned. The Hudson people have been around here for years and are seeing changes they don't like. The posters are the reaction of some people to the changes happening here in Hudson.

I am sorry we moved here two years ago. Recently I read about the local corruption, the pocketing of money by the city hall treasurer, a million dollars and her jail term. A few years ago our house was built by a sole builder with a permit from the city. When we asked the city for more information about our house (the wiring on the house was badly done, a fire hazard) and other defects including standing water on the property, the city refused to give us any information citing a ‘privacy act’ in response to our request to, ‘Who in city hall gave a sole builder permit to build?’ City Hall would only comply on ‘demand from legal.’ Why? Was someone accountable?

Worried about our safety, eventually we had wiring redone by master electrician. This year, our tax bill stated ’debt at large' in the amount of $438. Did all taxpayers get a same bill for $438? We still can't find out and our local councillor is no help. Why are we paying for someone's mistake? That’s a lot of money for seniors.

We had a small lake on our driveway which I believe is city property. Whenever it rains there’s no drainage – only water sitting around on our driveway for days, a disaster in the winter time. After numerous emails to city hall, and city said we could be charged for this repair and I said, “We did not build the house.”

Last week city employees repaired this problem by lowering the ground on city property at each side of our driveway and on top added some top soil and grass seed, or a 'Band-Aid' job as I call it. One hour of work I guess the city engineers and planning department are too busy with all the planning for the new condos and townhouses planned for Hudson, especially taking up the Sandy Beach area the people love so much.

Good luck Hudson people. Hope the sewage system on the beach area can take it and the flooding happening every year in that area.

I don't think I would hide behind the signs. 'Kick back,’ ‘ravage our lands'.... We live in a safe country, we should not be afraid to speak about what we think is ‘not right'.....right?

Councillor Legault said they have nothing to hide and that he has an open-door policy.

So we’re echoing the quote you posted on the September 24 front page by Ruth Bader Ginsberg that said, “Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

Crystal and Jim Coupethwaite


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