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Letter to the editor 1, Nov. 5, 2020

Halloween spirit

Dear Editor,

I want to express my gratitude to all the generous people who made the Halloween treat-or-treat experience a success this year.

We toured the core of Hudson with my son and really enjoyed all the creative decorations. It was fun to see all the inventive ways people had come up with for distributing candy safely from a distance. Some residents braved the cold to be able to say hi and enjoy the costumes, others had elaborately decorated tables covered in ‘self-serve’ treats, and there were even trees with candy hanging from branches.

There were hand decorated candy bags, creepy light shows, very impressive jack-o’-lanterns and a striking full moon. My son was absolutely joyful, even without the presence of his normal group of friends.

The town and SQ vehicles were patrolling to make sure everything was okay and overall it felt like a safe activity even during this time of heightened risk. I also totally respect those who chose not to participate - we all have to make choices according to our own unique circumstances.

Halloween is perhaps the most bizarre of the cultural activities we practice as a community, with all its paganist and scary imagery and efforts to frighten young children. But somehow it turns into a particularly fun activity, and this year was no exception.

Andrew Skowronski


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