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Letter to the editor 1, March 25, 2021

Dear Town of Hudson: Help me, help you, rescue Sandy Beach before we need to rescue 200 new homes from flooding

Dear Editor,

I believe strongly in the old adage ‘Accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two.’ That last part, though, is tricky.

There are many solid reasons to oppose the Sandy Beach development project in Hudson. In a nutshell, the high density nature of the project could wreak havoc on the village's traffic and infrastructure. Access to that greenspace we all enjoy would be lost. A precious and biodiverse wetland would be destroyed. And last but certainly not least, the likelihood that our taxpayers and tax dollars will be needed to rescue these homes from flooding in the very near future is high.

Still, the project is a go. Really? It seems so inconceivable that I feel as though I must be missing something. What I am hearing in response to the question of how this could possibly be allowed to proceed is that it's too late to find a solution. Curious.

Personally, I am not anti-development when it comes to Hudson. I believe our town needs the vibrancy and income from commercial and residential projects. But I am certainly opposed to this project, and I have yet to hear any convincing arguments as to how it can bring anything but damage to our town, say nothing of the environmental impact we all claim to care about so much. And let us not forget that any arguments, referendums or by-laws in favour of the development that made sense before the floods of 2017 and 2019, are now, if not moot, then at least very questionable.

Enter stage concerned citizens of 2021. In recent months the Sandy Beach Wetland Protection Group has come into being and its current goal is to gain funding in order to purchase the land from the developer. I love everything about this. A real-life solution for a real-life problem. Smart, busy, caring people devoting their precious time to something they believe in, for the betterment of us all. The catch? The grants must be applied for by the town and to date, the town is not on board.

And somehow I can't yet see this as a fait accompli. Ground has not yet been broken, all options not yet exhausted.

So when it comes to Sandy Beach, which category does this fall into? The thing I must accept or the thing I need the courage to help change. I'm gonna go with the latter.

If you care about this beautiful nugget of planet Earth, call your district councillor today and tell him or her that you simply don't accept that it's too late for change.

Stefanie Zigby


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