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Letter to the editor 1, March 18, 2021

Apartment for rent scam

Dear Editor,

I was recently made aware of a new scam going on in the area of Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

My friend saw an ad on Facebook for a four-and-a-half apartment for rent in Vaudreuil-Dorion for only $650/month. It was such a good deal that he wanted to go look at it. Before even making an appointment to see the apartment the person in charge of the ad told my friend that he must prove that he would be able to afford this apartment by purchasing a bunch of coupons for the total amount of one month’s rent. The man then told him that once he has all the coupons, he would show him the apartment. Not before the purchase of said coupons. He said he didn’t want to waste his time if the person couldn’t afford the rent. This seemed strange and so he went to the apartment building to check it out. He did not have the complete address, only the building address. When he got there, he asked someone living there if they could point him in the right direction of the apartment for rent. Not much to his surprise the person told him there was no apartment for rent in the building.

My friend’s father then sent the ad poster a message identifying himself and asking for more information. No more than 30 minutes later the original ad that was posted no longer existed, making them 100 per cent sure this was a scam.

Thankfully they did not pay anything upfront. I’m writing this letter in hopes of saving another person from falling for this scam and sending the coupons that the poster demanded.

Frederick Cecchini


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