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Letter to the editor 1, July 22, 2021

Be careful what you wish for

Dear Editor,

If one were to believe the calculations that have been put out there for the Sandy Beach development, you would have to assume that every house being built or in existence in Hudson is costing us money. However, other developments do not seem to be a concern. As with all financial reports, it is very easy to manipulate the numbers to achieve results which fit your desired conclusion. I would like to see a better decision be done with my tax money than stopping this development.

Without having access to the report, it is obvious that left out of the calculations are the fact that we will need to repurchase the land. Where does this money come from? Remember, this is a town that could not come up with the money to rebuild a small dam on Pine Lake. All we will be doing is taking on more debt and getting further into financial distress.

I would also think that this growth in the inner town population would be a boom for all the shops, restaurants, bars, churches, charities and services as they will finally have a year-round clientele to keep things going. For towns to prosper, it takes activity. Go into town in the winter and tell me how active it is. This development also has multi and semi-detached housing units. With the current rise in housing costs, this will allow access to a more diverse population, which is the basis for a true society. The density of this development should be less costly for the town to maintain than most areas. We are already maintaining the streets. Spread that out over the hundreds of forecast units, how is that not cost effective? Hudsonites need to remember that this is not about protecting the beach. The beach is not part of the development and we will still have the same access that we do now.

It has been shown over the last 30+ years that our mayors do not seem to have the financial wherewithal to run a town so without this income, I do not see how we survive. I believe we should welcome the prosperous Hudson of the future or you might see the Quebec government decide to merge us with Vaudreuil-Dorion for us to cover our debt and, for those of you who care, also our bilingual status.

Be careful what you wish for!

John Bradbury


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