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Letter to the editor 1, July 2, 2021

Tree devastation

Dear Editor,

I have chosen to live in the Alstonvale area because of the trees. I also relied on the by-law of the Town of Hudson re: tree cutting. I have respected the grandeur and beauty of the trees on my property and hoped others would do the same. However – new houses are being built on properties near to me where every tree has been cut. This is unnecessary and damaging to the environment, never mind the bird life. Where is the outrage? Why is the town of Hudson allowing this desecration? On my street, Sunrise, respect for the trees was maintained by the original builders. Not now! Only this week, one of the original properties which boasted many beautiful, mature trees has been altered practically beyond recognition. The whining and growling of machines continued all day, as many, many trees were felled. There will be more devastation this week. I and others feel this viscerally. It is wanton and destructive and unnecessary. Yet it happened, and with impunity it would seem. No, the trees are not diseased. I ask the new owners responsible for this environmental mess, why did you not buy a property that had no trees? This is the handiwork of Philistines. Perhaps, for your edification, you should read a book called ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ by Peter Wohlleben. It is magical, informative and necessary. Sincerely,

Cathryn McNamee


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